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PDX Power Yoga is bringing Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga to Northeast Portland this fall!  As part of the Willamette Valley Power Yoga community, we exist to create and support extraordinary yoga communities designed to give you access to a lifetime of power and purpose. Stay tuned for updates as our studio takes shape and we prepare for YOU!

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Welcoming Spaces, Via Zen Space with Trystan Reese

Welcoming Spaces: Embracing gender diversity in your healing practice : With Trystan Reese

You became a leader in the healing/ fitness industry to help people, and you're doing incredible work. But when you think about transgender, non-binary, and gender non-conforming people who come to your practice... are they receiving truly dignified care? Do you know how to address them with respect, treat them with confidence, and receive their feedback with humility? 

If you're ready to up your trans / non-binary inclusion game, join professional trans educator Trystan Reese as he brings his interactive, engaging trans competency workshop to Portland's body workers... including fitness professionals, chiropractors, massage therapists, and acupuncturists! You'll hear his personal trans narrative, learn about trauma-informed care and how it applies to transgender community members, and gain specific tools to help you build a welcoming business *right now.* Gender-neutral pronouns? No problem. Inclusive language for your website? You got it. Skills for rebuilding trust when you make a mistake? Absolutely. With concrete take-aways and embodied exercises, you'll learn how to provide excellent care for any trans person who comes to you for help. 

This session is hosted by ZenSpace and will offer continuing learning credits for the following professional organizations: Massage Therapy. It will take place on October 20th at PDX Power Yoga on MLK Blvd. There is limited space, so registration is required, along with your registration fee of $100 (non-refundable). If you are a practitioner who is trans and/or POC, please contact Trystan for a reduced/waived registration fee through www.biffandi.com. If you are a current student we are happy to offer a 20% discount on the ticket price, Call Zen Space to purchase: (503) 281-0681. 

*This event will be held at a Yoga Studio, Please bring a yoga matt / pillow and or picnic blanket to sit on. 

Trystan Reese is a professional trans educator who works with medical and support providers across the country. His online trainings on LGBTQ+ family-building, offered through Family Equality, have been completed by over 1200 medical professionals at some of the nation's top fertility organizations. He hosts quarterly trainings on trans pregnancy for birthworkers, both online and in-person in cities across the US. He is a certified social justice facilitator who trained with the Social Justice Training Institute. He has presented workshops and keynotes at dozens of acclaimed conferences, including Born Into This Doula Conference, Creating Change LGBTQ Conference, Out & Equal's Global Workplace Summit, and more. His storytelling adventures have been captured on The Moth Radiohour (with a viral video recording of that story being viewed over 2.5 million times online), the RISK! podcast, at The Mystery Box and Seven Deadly Sins (Portland-based storytelling events), and more. He has told his trans pregnancy story in partnership with outlets such as CNN, People Magazine, Vice News, The Washington Post, Bloomberg News, and The Wall Street Journal. He lives in Portland with his partner and their three amazing kids.

Earlier Event: October 5
Later Event: October 27

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