PDX Power Yoga

PDX Power Yoga is bringing Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga to Northeast Portland this fall!  As part of the Willamette Valley Power Yoga community, we exist to create and support extraordinary yoga communities designed to give you access to a lifetime of power and purpose. Stay tuned for updates as our studio takes shape and we prepare for YOU!

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In Your Skin (ladies only)

In Your Skin is more than nude portraits, it is a movement
A movement designed to empower woman to look at their own bodies and say I LOVE YOU. A movement that will rebel against the unachievable expectations set by society.
It is a space where all woman can come together, bare it all, look into the camera, stand proud and say ‘This Is Me’. Where different shaped boobs and different textured bellies and different looking butts are ALL loved, celebrated and photographed. A space where sisterhood is stronger than judgement. Where nudity is not sexualised. A place where we pose for no-one else but ourselves.

A movement that encourages you to feel at home in your skin and to set yourself free from ‘I should be..’!

Sunday, March 17th 6:30-8:30pm

Later Event: April 1
40 Days to Personal Revolution

1915 NE MLK Jr. Boulevard
Portland, Oregon 97212