PDX Power Yoga

PDX Power Yoga is bringing Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga to Northeast Portland this fall!  As part of the Willamette Valley Power Yoga community, we exist to create and support extraordinary yoga communities designed to give you access to a lifetime of power and purpose. Stay tuned for updates as our studio takes shape and we prepare for YOU!


We practice Baptiste Yoga™. Classes are 60 minutes, unless otherwise noted on the schedule and the room is heated to 90 degrees with Infrared Heating Panels. Though not sweltering upon arrival, you will heat up within the first few minutes of class. Wear moisture-wicking fabrics you can move freely in. During the practice you are invited to challenge yourself, AND also take care of yourself. Drink water and/or electrolytes throughout and know that rest poses are available to you at any time during the class.

Studio ettiquette

  • Arrive at least 5 minutes early for your first class. Unfortunately we cannot accept late comers on the first visit.

  • Please sign in at front desk prior to setting your mat up.

  • Before class begins, give yourself the proper amount of time for any business including but not limited to: changing, purchasing classes, setting up your mat, filling your water bottle, using the washroom. We begin class right on time...you won't want to miss it! 

  • We have a locker room, showers and basic amenities for your convenience. Towels can be rented for $2.

  • Be courteous to others by wearing clean, appropriate attire and refraining from the use of scented products while in the studio.

  • We start and end class on time and kindly ask all students to stay for the whole class. Should you need to leave early or arrive after class begins, please use care when quietly closing the door. Note- we lock the doors as class begins. If it is not your first visit, you may knock lightly on the studio window up to 5 minutes into class and we will come let you in.

  • Already have a hot yoga mat or towel? Please bring it to class. The studio also rents hot yoga mats for $2.
    We recommend purchasing your own mat and carry a variety of mats for you to choose from.

What is Baptiste Yoga?

Baptiste Yoga™ is designed to empower you with focus, training and insight you need to achieve consistent results in the most important areas of your life. A physical yoga practice, meditation, and active self inquiry are used as tools of transformation and possibility.
The Baptiste Yoga™ practice supports you to raise your vitality and physical power, and will empower you to create accelerated results in your overall body strength and confidence. The instruction at PDX-PY adapts the practices and processes to individual needs and talents – placing emphasis on clear language and a strategic technique that makes Baptiste Yoga™ accessible to everyone regardless of fitness level, age, experience or background.

1915 NE MLK Jr. Boulevard
Portland, Oregon 97212